How to Tell If a House is Haunted?

When a house is haunted it usually gives its occupants a number of signs and if you have been living in the house for long enough then you will get these signs obviously, there are times when people would call in the paranormal experts and from their body of work we have taken out a few important signs which were common in every haunted house they visited and these are surely these signs that indicate that the house you are living in is haunted.

The first and most major sign are the noises, some uncomfortable and untraceable voices would occur every now and then, these noises cannot be traced or reasoned and when it gets consistent you then have to pay attention to that because it could be a sign, secondly the smell, there is one common thing in many of the haunted houses and that is the smell, the odor that is pungent and would not go away and no matter how cleaning you do and perfumes you spray it just won’t go away and the worst part is that you won’t be able to trace the source of it.

Another thing that was mentioned by the experts was that they felt a sudden change it temperature in the rooms, they would feel watched for a couple of moments and as they mention that the gut feeling never lies and then the very next moment they would feel a change in temperature and this is one not so subtle sign that there is a presence in your house which cannot be seen but its making its presence felt.

Scariest haunted house in Ohio which was my once in a lifetime experience didn’t spook me this much but when I met a paranormal expert and heard all of this I was terrified.