America’s Best Fine Art and Events

While hundreds of fine art shows and art events pop up around the country every year, many are also highly outstanding in terms of attendance and atmosphere. So whether you intend to check them out in person at an art show or art event, or you’re ready to toss your cap into the ring and enter the ring for the first time, we rounded up some of America’s best fine art shows and art events as gauged by various art and fine art magazine polls and ratings. These art events and fairs round out America’s rich history of fine art and artists who have made their mark on our culture and society for centuries. Check out the following art shows and fine art events occurring in America.

The Long Beach Art Fair is held annually and features hundreds of local artists who display their art in a variety of venues. Held every year in Southern California, the fair is always a highly anticipated and popular art show, with hundreds attending this popular fair. This prestigious art show features paintings from local artists of all types. There are also many other local and international artists displaying art at the fair.

The Sarasota Arts and Culture Festival is held every year at the Sarasota Center in Sarasota Florida, and showcases hundreds of local and national artists in a variety of art events, including exhibits, workshops, concerts, and master classes. This non-profit arts festival showcases art and culture with a variety of featured artists who can not only entertain, educate, and sell art works, but also encourage local youth and students to engage in community art projects. Other featured events include film festivals, children’s shows, street fairs, food festivals, and more.